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February 2011 Edition -- Put a little love in your heart...
Valentine's Pic

Some would argue that Valentine’s Day is purely another excuse to sell candies and greeting cards, but we think there’s nothing more important than celebrating the people you love on the most romantic day of the year. Maybe we’re softies when it comes to receiving flowers and trading heartfelt gifts, but plenty of folks must be in agreement considering romance remains one of the most significant sales categories in our industry year after year… Clearly we all want and need a little more love in our lives.  

Four Knight Agency family members who most certainly believe in love and the importance of romance in and out of the (book) covers are the

co-authors of the ON THE HUNT anthology -- Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight. Last week, we were thrilled to learn that their book debuted in the #34 spot on the New York Times list. NYT veteran Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter novel, ARCHANGEL’S CONSORT, also enjoyed a fab debut, garnering the #8 in the print paper back category. Major kudos to these authors for accomplishing such an amazing feat!

In this issue, the ON THE HUNT ladies share their favorite lovers of all time in honor of Valentine's Day and answer a few questions about their stories in The Knight Post section. All of the authors will be in attendance at a special Valentine's Day Afterglow chat event this Thursday, February 17th at 9pm ET, where we will announce the winner of their contest for an iPod Nano multi-touch. Also below, you'll find two not-to-be-missed articles from Doranna Durgin and Knight agent Pamela Harty. Doranna tells us how to "Grab the Passion," in our writerly lives, and Pamela shares some wisdom on goal setting.

Before we dive into the newsletter, we want to take a moment to give a small shout-out to a new addition to our team. University of Georgia student Whitney Wyatt recently came on board as our intern, and in just a few weeks she has proved to be a lifesaver. We hope she'll be able to bring you some first-hand accounts of her adventures in TKA-land in an upcoming issue.


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The Knight Post
ON THE HUNT cover New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight collaborated on the ON THE HUNT anthology, which has steamed it's way up to #34 on the New York Times extended bestseller list. Each of the busy ladies took a few minutes from their busy schedules to talk to us about their exciting new project.

TKA: In the spirit of Valentine's Day, tell us which literary couple you think had the most memorable romance of ALL TIME. How did this couple shape your ideas what true romance looks like?

GENA: OMG, I just read the newest Kresley Cole, DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR, and I gotta go with Declan Chase and Regin the Radiant. These two prove that love truly does conquer all. They fight their feelings at first, and with good reason, but WOW, when they go all in, they go all in. Perfect, just perfect, and the kind of romance that will last the ages.

SHANNON: Arthur and Guinevere are the obvious choice for me. All that drama and angst and torment. Just beautiful. While I’m more a fan of happily ever after, I like it when they suffer getting to that point.

JESSICA: On the theory of “love is a journey, not a destination,” I’m a huge fan of Eve and Roarke from JD Robb’s In Death series. Although the first three books of the series are the most traditionally romantic, as we see them meet, fall in love and get married … for me it’s been equally interesting to watch their relationship grow. I love that they keep their own identities and usually bring their best selves to the relationship…and when they’re not their best selves, that’s okay too. They keep things interesting, keep evolving, and keep kicking butt. Which might not be everyone’s idea of a Valentine’s Day romance, but it’s mine.

DEIDRE: Wow, talk about an easy question, right? The greatest couple of *all time*! No pressure, no brain freeze here...okay, seriously? I'm going to have to go with the first real romance I ever read: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are a total classic. Flash forward to recent books, I loved Henry and Claire (tragic though they may be) in THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE.


TKA: In "Ever Night," the heroine, Rose Pascal, experiences a phenomenon that transports her to a dark world on her birthday each year where she meets the mysterious warrior king, Vasili. How did having to write in a shorter format change your approach to developing their relationship versus writing for a couple in a full-length novel?

GENA: When I write shorter novels, I tend to concentrate solely on the main couple and their sizzling attraction/growing feelings for each other. Which, I gotta admit, is my favorite thing to do.

Gena Showalter

TKA: One of the most endearing characters in your ON THE HUNT story was Jasha, Vasili's younger brother. You definitely left us hungering for more from this gentle prince. Do you have any plans to tell his story?

GENA: I would love to! Jasha’s definitely an aberration for me, as I tend to write Alphas and he is so shy around females. But in my mind, he’s got a bit of a dark side, and I would love to explore that!

Coming Soon from Gena: THE DARKEST SECRET (April 2011).


Shannon K. Butcher

TKA: You've stated that "The Collector" is a stand-alone story that falls between books 3 and 4 of your Sentinel Wars series. Why did you decided to spotlight Neal this time around, and did you have to reconsider any previously mapped Sentinel storylines to fit in his story?

SHANNON: I’d tortured Neal quite a bit in book 3, so I thought he deserved a bit of good luck. He was one of the side characters that I’d never really intended to give a full story to, but he jumped out at me, so I wanted to go father with him than I’d planned. This was the perfect place to do that.

I didn’t really have to reconsider any standing storylines, because I found a way to weave Neal and Viviana’s story into an existing plot thread. The item they are on the hunt for is vital to the overarching story going forward, and while I never had to show where it came from, doing so was a lot of fun.

TKA: Your Sentinel warriors all possess a "lifemark," a sort of tattoo that grows as they age, and eventually looses all its leaves as their souls die and they descend into evil. Where did you get your inspiration for this concept?

SHANNON: I needed a way to show the decay of their souls, and I wanted it to be something that was visible to anyone who cared to look. I thought that would increase the drama and tension, and lead characters to act in order to hide the truth. The original concept for the Sentinels was loosely (very loosely) based on druidic magic, so I thought a tree was a good fit. The falling leaves were a perfect symbol for the slow death, and an excellent way to show something that would have otherwise been hard to show. It’s my version of the countdown timer on a bomb.

Coming Soon from Shannon: LIVING ON THE EDGE (March 2011)


TKA: Usually, the hero and heroine don’t have a history together that pre-dates the story at hand, but you took a different path with ex-lovers Natalie and JT in "Crystal Skull." Why did you decide to take on exes, and what sort of challenges did it create to work with characters who didn't start out with a "blank slate?"

JESSICA: I love, love, love reunion romances—in fact, the characters have histories together in all but two of the books in my Nightkeepers series. Which isn’t to say that I dream of getting back with one of my exes—it’s more that I dig the idea that sometimes two people meet and connect, but the timing just isn’t right. In the case of JT and Natalie in Crystal Skull, though, it was more a

Jessica Andersen

case that because of the short novella format, I had to really focus the story in order to get the worldbuilding, action and hot romance all on the page. So I basically conceptualized their story as a big book, from them meeting in the jungle, wrangling over her archaeological dig and falling in love, to JT dumping her and sending her away because he needs her to be safe from the Mayan demons he’s been hunting, and who are growing more powerful by the day … and then I started writing the novella, telling the story of what happens to them after that black moment, and how they wind up fighting the demons together. So Crystal Skull has all the best parts of their bigger story, compressed into a fast-paced, sexy shorter length. Which is fun for the reader (I hope!), but was almost as much work as writing the bigger book for me!

TKA: What is your next project on the horizon?

JESSICA: I’m looking forward to the kickoff of a new Harlequin Intrigue miniseries set in the crime scene analysis unit of Bear Claw, Colorado. BEAR CLAW CONSPIRACY will be out in May. Then right after that, in June, comes the next Nightkeeper book: STORM KISSED, which is the story of the Nightkeepers’ bad boy, Snake Mendez, and the sexy female bounty hunter hired to track him down when he goes rogue. There’s lots of romance, lots of action, and some major shakeups in the Nightkeepers’ world as we get closer to the end of the doomsday countdown. I had a great time writing STORM KISSED, and can’t wait to share it with readers!


TKA: In “Red Angel,” you weave angel lore into the Gods of Midnight (GOM) world for the first time. What inspired you to use angels in this storyline, and what unique challenges, if any, did you face in incorporating spiritual themes into the romance?

DEIDRE: I definitely had a very unique challenge in writing about an angel. For one thing, I believe angels are real and so it was tough...to be respectful and yet feature an angel in a romantic lead! In the end, I think what emerged was an even stronger focus on the romance itself as a result. But it definitely challenged me as a writer! I also loved pairing bad boy Jamie Angel with an *actual* angel, one who spoke to his better nature...and inspired him to follow his heart.

Coming Soon from Deidre: RED MORTAL (April 2011)

Deidre Knight
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Chat It Up with Gena, Shannon, Jessica and Deidre
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Don't miss out on our Valentine's Afterglow chat event with the fabulous authors of the ON THE HUNT anthology! The authors will dish about their upcoming projects, we'll announce the winner of the iPod Nano multi-touch, and there will be plenty more trivia and prizes!

WHAT: Chat with Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight
WHEN: Thursday, February 17th @ 9:00pm ET
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Authors' Corner by Doranna Durgin
Doranna Durgin

Grab the Passion

Heaving bosoms! Throbbing tumescences (tumesci?)! Sensitive nubs!


Okay, that stuff is fun. But not the sum and total of passion.

PASSION: n. A strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept
PASSIONATE: adj. capable of, affected by, or expressing intense feeling

For characters--for people-- to come alive, they must have passion.

I'm passionate about our environment. Respecting it, living in it, knowing it. I want to know the birds at a glance, the wildflowers by family and name, the formation of the earth beneath me.

I'm passionate about my animals. I want that connection of knowing them inside and out, of training to a point of fun and subtle communication--and of being able to discern and fill their needs at a glance.

*an ironic pause in the typing while I run out to the barn in single digits because it's time for bedtime hay*

And, as it happens, I'm passionate about writing. I want to feel as I write my stories, and I want readers to feel as they experience them.

Layers of intensity and feeling.

For characters to be real to any of us--in the reading or the writing--they need those same layers.

In my paranormal romance series, Lisa McGarrity (Garrie to everyone but the IRS) has a


she knows responsibility comes with her unique gift of manipulating ethereal breezes. She has a passion for cleaning up her world--of ethereal creatures from the dark side, and now--somewhat to her surprise--of entities she considers demons, although Trevarr might call them something else.

She has a passion for seeing that her friends are well in their lives; she takes responsibility for them.

And yes, she has a passion for Trevarr – a fiercely driven demon hunter from a different dimension.

Trevarr (not even known to the IRS) has a passion for protecting his people. He lives a hard and gritty life and he lives it at full bore, and aside from the aforementioned need to protect those who took him in as a young outcast, he doesn't much admit to emotions at all.

This would be why it surprises him so very much when he turns out to have them. And that, too, is a layer with which to work.

Without these passions--without an ability to experience life deeply on their own terms, for their own reasons, the characters not only don't come alive, they don't have the foundation to experience the depth of emotion we want to see between them. Without the layering, the relationships--no matter what their bodies might be doing--are unfulfilling.

Without the passions, we kinda don't care about the bosoms, tumesci, and nubs.

No, really--we don't! At least, not if we're the passionate ones, too--about our reading, about our writing…about what's important to us in both fiction and life. Excellent plots nonetheless fall short; sparkling dialogue just sits there on the page.

So I say to all--go ye forth and grab the passion…right out there in public! As reader, as writer…as person. After you do, the rest of it will come along, too.

As for me, I'll go back to my riding, my training, and my writing--and celebrating (with passion!) the STORM OF RECKONING release.

To learn more about Doranna, visit her website www.Doranna.net for excerpts from STORM OF RECKONING and a special bookmark giveaway.

Agency News

Nalini Singh’s ARCHANGEL’S CONSORT debuted at #8 in the print paper back category. Also, the book was #19 on the ebook only list, #21 on the combined hardcover and paperback print list and #18 on the combined print and e-book list under the New York Times's new bestseller system which incorporates e-book bestsellers.

Singh received a Liebsroman Award from Germany’s Love Letter Magazine for ARCHANGEL’S KISS in the paranormal/fantasy category. BRANDED BY FIRE was also nominated in the paranormal/fantasy category, and Nalini received a nomination for best author. Her tenth Psy-Changeling novel, KISS OF SNOW (June 2011), was included on Publishers Weekly's Top 10 Romance list.

The ON THE HUNT anthology, co-authored by Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight, debuted on the New York Times extended list at #34.

Marjorie M. Liu was quoted in USA Today article profiling Grammy-award-winning rapper, Eminem, entitled, "Eminem is becoming a force in the literary world."

Marjorie M. Liu's IN THE DARK OF DREAMS and Nalini Singh’s BONDS OF JUSTICE made the Kansas City Library's 'best of' romance list for 2010.

Cassie Miles hit the USA Today bestseller list at #67 with MOUNTAIN MIDWIFE.

Rachel Caine was featured in a cover story for the Fort Worth Weekly and also interviewed by the El Paso Times.

Melissa Mayhue's HEALING THE HIGHLANDER was selected as a Top Pick for RT with 4 1/2 stars.

N.K. Jemisin was included on Locus Magazine's 2010 Recommended Reading List under First Novels.

Lynn Flewelling was awarded best fantasy book 2010 at Love Romances Café for GLIMPSES.

Bronwen Evans received a sterling review for her debut novel, INVITATION TO RUIN. The reviewer noted that "Evans's debut Regency is filled with sizzling romance," and that the, "strong characterizations, smooth plotting, and plenty of explicit sex will appeal to fans of modern Regencies."

Marley Gibson and Patrick Burns speaking at the New England Romance Writers Conference at the Hawthorne Hotel April 29th & 30th and sponsoring a ghost hunt for conference attendees. For more information, visit http://www.necrwa.org/conference.html.

New Clients on the Block

Beth Howard - www.TheWorldNeedsMorePie.com

Celeste Gleason - n/a

Erin Rieber - n/a

Debbie Kaufman - www.DebbieKaufman.com (under construction)

From the Desk of Pamela Harty

Pamela Harty

Eyes on the Prize

New Year—New You. Who doesn’t like the sound of a fresh beginning? That’s why publishers often choose January to release many of their self help books and other titles that fall under this heading. The start of a new year is an excellent time to reflect upon where we’ve been, review where we’re planning to go, and establish the goals we wish to achieve in the coming year. Even though we are already well into February, it’s not too late to consider these questions—and how they might impact your writing plans and strategies for 2011.

Many of us already audited Goal Setting 101 somewhere along the line—maybe even took an advanced survey course. But whether you’re a master goal setter or need an introductory set of Cliff notes, it’s always good to refresh on the basics. A few things to remember:

1.) Goals should be written, specific and measurable.
2.) Keep them challenging, yet attainable (Sure, we all want a yacht, but maybe you

should start with a wave runner.)
3.) Make sure your goals have clear deadlines. Open-ended statements like “before I die” don’t really help very much. But, “Before my mother-in-law comes to visit” sure can!

As an agent, my daily goals may include returning calls, answering emails, reviewing contracts, and reading, reading, reading. My annual goals may include making changes to my client list, selling a set number of projects to publishers, or finding new talent and reading, reading, reading some more. I have daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals which I review and revise often. Frankly, it’s the only way I can stay on top of all that I have on my plate both professionally and personally.
For the writer, what do you want to accomplish in the coming months? Would you like to finish a proposal? Complete a manuscript? Find a critique partner? Attend a conference? Try writing in a new genre? Whatever these goals may be, write them down, make them specific and set a deadline.

One of my clients sets a goal for the number of books and proposals she plans to complete in a year, and then has these goals broken down into monthly, weekly and daily deadlines. She revises and reviews these goals often as new opportunities arise and changes happen, altering her annual outlook. Most importantly, she has a plan which includes a written map that she is always consulting.

To quote this writer, “I have found there is great power in writing down goals. I print them out and keep
them on my desk where I can see them. And then every day I look at them. If I'm not doing something to gain and achieve those goals, then I'm wasting my time.”

I think this quote says it all. Without specifically knowing what you want to achieve, it can be very hard to see where you are on your road to accomplishment. I challenge you all to write down your goals and watch your progress. You might be surprised just how much you can do in 2011…and how many of your goals and dreams might come to fruition!


Agents of the Roundtable

QUESTION: What is your reaction to the newly-redesigned layout of the New York Times list, which now includes e-book bestsellers?

Melissa Jeglinski: I think it's great that the Times has given such credit to ebooks and how significant the sales truly are. Figuring out what it all means in the grand scheme of things is going to take a while. But I'm excited to see where this leads.

Elaine Spencer: The new list is definitely a sign of the changing times. I’m always a believer that having more information is better than having less, so in that tone, the inclusion of ebook sales is a great thing. Of course it’s the NYT list and so how its all being calculated is as elusive as ever,

but, its certainly another step showing just how important those ebooks are in this era of bookselling.

Nephele Tempest: I’m glad that the New York Times decided to expand their bestseller list. It shows they’re aware of the changing sales dynamic in the book industry, and that they’re committed to reflecting current sales in their calculations. It’s very interesting to see the new lists and how authors are doing in different formats.


The Watercooler

The Watercooler

Each month, we list what our agents are currently looking for and/or a particular type of book they've heard editors are asking to see. The watercooler items will be adjusted as agents receive new information or develop new interests. Therefore, some items may be repeated from the previous month's watercooler item if interests have not changed.

Also, pleased be advised that this is not a complete listing of the types of books TKA will represent. For a listing of the types of titles we rep, please visit www.KnightAgency.net.

Deidre Knight: I’m really on a YA reading kick and would love to find some wonderful debut (or established) authors in this category, along with Middle Grade. Additionally, I'm hungering for a fresh romance in the contemporary category, something with a strong series hook. Also, I'm always looking for lyrical-commercial fiction of any kind. Think TIME TRAVELERS WIFE or David Cristafano’s THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE. (NEW UPDATE February 2011)

Lucienne Diver: I've got a very full list, so I'm not taking on many new clients at this time. That said, I'd love to find some really wonderful southern women's fiction (with or without a magical realism angle) and a great epic middle-grade series (think in the vein of Rick Riordan, who I love). (NEW UPDATE February 2011)

Melissa Jeglinski: I've just finished THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy and would love to see a dystopian YA project. I'd love to also see some historical YA and middle grade projects. I'm always in the market for great romance and women's fiction projects--something a little out of the ordinary would also be welcome.. (Last Update January 2011)

Nephele Tempest: I’m looking for great young adult—particularly something set in the real world as opposed to fantasy/paranormal—with a strong voice and that tackles difficult issues in a realistic, sympathetic way; I’d love some new women’s fiction, again with a strong voice, and not necessarily a romantic story but with strong relationships of all kinds; in romance I’d love some contemporary and romantic suspense. I still love the paranormals but it’s getting very hard to find something fresh and I feel a bit overwhelmed with them all at this point. (Last Update December 2010)

Elaine Spencer: It seems like the Writers Digest “Hot List” queries have finally subsided. If you submitted one and I didn't get to it, please resend according to the guidelines! I'm not changing what I was looking for last month, but I'm going to add to it a bit: high concept romantic suspense, something beyond the typical serial killer on the loose story, great historical romance or historical fiction, (for me, this means pre-1900s), and strong boy-protagonist young adult or middle grade stories, something with a great voice and strong writing, and any compelling women’s fiction, particularly witty commercial stories about women facing life in their mid to late twenties. Also, I would really REALLY love to add a great Harlequin presents author to my line up. I absolutely love the luxe and drama associated with those books.(Last Update December 2010)

Pamela Harty: I am always looking for romance, but in particular romantic suspense and contemporary. I am also interested in women’s commercial fiction. I love my YA authors and would love to see more of this genre. Additionally, I haven’t had many nonfiction queries lately and would like to see more including parenting, self help, motivation and health. (Last Update October 2010)

February Releases

To TKA Clients: The Knight Agency makes every effort to keep updated records regarding client releases and include all titles during their publication month whenever possible. Our methods utilize agent input, online retailer sites, and most importantly client updates to maintain this section. As is the nature of the business, pub dates can quickly change. To ensure that your release is included in the newsletter, please keep us apprised of your upcoming releases and any subsequent changes in dates by emailing Jia.Gayles(AT)KnightAgency.net.


Over His Dead Body by Brown


Laura Brown | Headline

Ever since Caroline Tucker moved back home from Hollywood to the bright lights of Haven, New Mexico, she has been trying—and failing—to avoid her ex-husband, town sheriff Travis Beaumont. But when her niece stumbles across the perfectly preserved body of a cowboy at Girl Scout camp, Caroline has no choice but to give Travis a call. But is this actually a crime scene, or just a potential tourist attraction? As the mystery of the mummy unravels, Travis digs up some sinister evidence, and the more Caroline tries to keep away from trouble—and Travis—the more they both come knocking at her door.


Purchase Links

Unseen by Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine | Penguin

The third novel in the Outcast Season series. After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue a child from a maniacal Djinn, they realize two things: the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power, and her kidnapping was not an isolated incident. Original.After Cassiel and Warden Luis Rocha rescue an adept child from a maniacal Djinn, they realize two things: the girl is already manifesting an incredible amount of power, and her kidnapping was not an isolated incident.

This Djinn-aided by her devoted followers-is capturing children all over the world, and indoctrinating them so she can use their strength for herself. With no other options, Cassiel infiltrates the Djinn's organization-because if Cassiel cannot stop the Djinn's apocalyptic designs, all of humanity may be destroyed.



Purchase Button

Storm of Reckoning by Durgin  

Storm of Reckoning
Doranna Durgin | Doherty

The second of two paranormal romances--the follow-up to "The Reckoners"--featuring a ghost hunter heroine and a hero from an alternate world.
Lisa McGarrity lives to hunt ghosts.

With the able assistance of her loyal ghostbusting team, of course . . . and the unexpected powers of Trevarr, a fiercely driven demon-hunter from another dimension. Their last mission—a supposedly simple haunting that turned into a demonic free-for-all—left them battered and ready for some R&R. But rest has to wait. Garrie and her team are summoned by an old friend in Sedona who desperately needs some occult assistance. Making matters worse, Trevarr has reappeared, bloody and bruised . . . and exiled forever from his homeworld.

While happy to have Trevarr back at her side, Garrie is shocked to discover that Sedona’s ethereal breezes are quiet, the usual paranormal activity nearly nonexistant . . . except for some oddball power surges that don’t “taste” like our world at all.

Then Garrie’s friend disappears and all hell seems about to break loose as Sedona’s ghosts rise up against Garrie and her team. With Trevarr’snot-catbond-partner hinting at dire trouble on their trail and Trevarr himself seeing enemies at every turn, Garrie is running out of time to figure out just what’s happening in the Southwest…and to put a stop to it.



Red Hear of Jade by Liu

Red Hear of Jade
Marjorie M. Liu | Harper Collins

The Dirk & Steele Detective Agency sends clairvoyant investigator Dean Campbell to Taipei to look into a series of murders. Soon, Dean becomes embroiled in an ancient game of immortals--a game in which he and the stunning Mirabelle Lee are both players and prizes.
Beneath passion and purifying fire is . . . The Red Heart of Jade

Dean Campbell can see and sense things that others cannot—an extraordinary ability that drew the ex-cop to the Dirk & Steele Detective Agency, a global association of more-than-human men and women. Dean and his peers—shapeshifters, psychics, and other paranormals—are dedicated to protecting life. But there are those who live for destruction.

Now Dean's investigation into a series of unthinkable killings is calling him to Taipei, where a pattern is emerging that is more deadly than anything he could have foreseen. At the center is a power that could change the world . . . and the woman who can truly complete him: Mirabelle Lee, the girl Dean loved in his youth, the childhood sweetheart he once believed dead. Now that his heart has been reawakened, he will not lose her again—even as the forces of an immortal evil gather to destroy them and everything they love.




Healing a Highlander by Mayhue  

Melissa Mayhue | Simon & Schuster

ANDREW MACALISTER longs for a cure to free him from the excruciating pain caused by an old wound, but when he rescues a drowning woman, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. All Drew knows is that this mysterious woman is hiding secrets—and that he’s never felt such a consuming desire before. Yet he cannot deny her request for help, even if it means bringing the detested English army to his Highland clan’s home.
LEAH NOBLE MCQUARRIE still harbors a deep hatred of the Fae who tortured her eleven years ago, forcing her to escape back in time to the thirteenth century. A descendant of the Fae, Leah denies her heritage and her magical healing abilities. But the English army is holding her beloved adoptive grandfather captive, so Leah must seek help from the Fae—and the captivating man whose touch she craves.

Then Drew discovers Leah’s secrets, and he’s torn between old loyalties and trusting a woman who has the power to give him the future he’s sought—but could destroy his clan forever. . . .


Blood of the Rose by Pearce  

Kate Pearce | Penguin

Reunited a year after defeating a rogue vampire who was threatening Henry VIII, vampire slayer Rosalind Llewellyn and Christopher Ellis now face a new threat that could destroy their last chance at happiness. Original.When vampire slayer Rosalind Llewellyn had to join forces with her enemy Christopher Ellis to defeat a rogue vampire threatening Henry VIII, their alliance led to a surprising passion. Reunited after a year's separation, they now face a new threat that could destroy their last chance at happiness.


On the Hunt by Showalter and others  

Gena Showalter, Shannon Butcher, Jessica Andersen, Deidre Knight | Penguin

"New York Times"-bestselling author Showalter headlines this sizzling collection of all-new stories about shadow creatures, intoxicating magic, and hunters who know a little something about a good slay. Includes tales by Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen, and Deidre Knight. Original.New York Timesbestselling author Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Anderson, and Deidre Knight present a steamy collection of all-new novellas featuring sexy paranormal hunters.

With shadowy creatures, intoxicating magic, vivdly imagined worlds, and sizzling passion, this is an anthology no fan of paranormal romance will want to miss.




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